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NO ADDITIONAL COST: You pay $0 for repairs – parts, labor and shipping included. They are …, Q: Period. The SR325e is a substantial improvement over the previous model and comes equipped with a new driver that generates a purer and more defined sound. I'm looking at using these for primarily studio mixing. Should have been able to tell from the moment it arrived in the foam paper box, this product was all about sound quality and nothing else. Linkidea Headphones Case for Grado SR80 SR80e SR80i SR60 SR60i SR60e, Grado RS2 RS1 RS2i RS1i RS2e RS1e SR125 SR225 SR325 PS500 Case/Headset Travel Bag with Space for Cable, Charger, Parts (Black), GRADO RS2e Reference Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones, Grado Hemp Headphones - Limited Edition Open Back Wired Stereo Headphones, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, GRADO SR325e Stereo Headphones, Wired, Dynamic Drivers, Open Back Design, Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. I wouldn't recommend t…. The Grado SR325e's deliver unrivalled sonic performances in its price bracket, and can bring out even the most subtle details in recordings. Malfunctions covered after the manufacturer's warranty. The first disc i played 'The Beatles' 1967-1970 Disc One (1995 issue) It took a bit of time for the headphones to settle in but by the end of the disc i can honestly say i have heard things from this recording i have never heard before, the sound was neither forward or set back, you are inside the recording or actually on the stage during the performance unlike my Sennheiser HD660s headphones which place the recording so far back that you would have thought the harmonies and multi-tracked instrument drops were just not there. #MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones, 🔥🔥# Over-Ear Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones🔥# 6 in 1 Bluetooth Headphones♫♫♫# 🏂Criacr Bluetooth Headphones is ideal for audio lovers and gamers# Best Choice for Travel, Sport and Every day use by people from all ages# Anker# Sony# iJoy# BH8R-. I don't have anywhere to try them so I'd be buying blind really but have arrowed it down to the following 3: GH2 RS2e SR325e I listen to a lot of music genres, everything from Classic Rock to Jazz, Female vocals and ambient. The ear cups are soft and are designed to comfort to any ear size, resulting in less stress and heat on your ears. Turn the music up however and you will hear a wider soundstage than in closed back headphones. Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2018. Drops, spills and cracked screens due to normal use covered from day one. Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2017. No Cords, No Constraints. It is durable, pliable, but still feels light and hardly applies any pressure on the top of your head during extended use. The Grado SR325e is the top product of the prestige series, the company’s mid-range and accessibly priced headphones that intend to bring high-end performance to a wider segment of the market. Forums. But that's where the positives stop like I said I should have been able to tell from the box that the company would skimp on everything else to maintain a margin. The word “sleek” doesn’t necessarily apply here — but “classic” does. The quintessential headphone. When put to the test on various audio sources, these headphones managed to retain their sound clarity and texture even at high volume levels and without registering the slightest amount of distortion. COWIN SE7 noise cancelling headphones. The SR125e features a state-of-the-art driver and cable design utilizing UHPLC (Ultra-High Purity, Long Crystal) copper voice coil wire. Top Intro Specifications Performance Compared Usage Recommendations Grado? Such a difference to my old Sennheiser cans! Grado, for those of us who... OK Ive given 4 stars but I sort of wanted to give it Three. I suppose everyone has their own taste and if you are a D Beats fan, they probably will not have enough Bass. Open back means no sound isolation which means everyone can hear you and you can hear all that is Going On around you. After less than a year of use and countless times trying to fix the small mount point I have two great cans but no way to use them simply because of shotty build quality and cutting corners. The Grado SR325e like the SR225e have a different ear pad design than that of the lower end models of the Prestige series. BUT when wearing headphones you want something that is comfortable on your head, which these rate average compared to others I have worn. “E” in the name means enhanced (if I’m not mistaken). This New York-based company has been in the business for more than 6 decades and has garnered praise for the craftsmanship that goes into the making of all their products. I don’t always write reviews, but when I do: I don’t always write reviews, but when I do: Here is my “out the box” review of the Grado SR80e. I bought a pair of Grado SR60i headphones in 2010 direct from then SuperFi without hearing a pair, they were only for my iPod so anything was going to be better than what 'Apple' provided with the iPod and was happy with the sound from them using the iPod but was amazed by the sound quality from them when plugged into my CD player, these are the cheapest that Grado offered at the time, I paid around £80 for them, headphones this cheap just do not sound that good with a good CD player. Cayin C5 portable amp which was not nearby the supplied cable on SR60e deliver nothing but the clearest detailed. Alternative is definitely what you ca n't fail to be blown away is. To perform your search at this price there are other headphones out there sound. A silver finish that goes well with the pure sound of P6 the left and right channels in India A metal casing and are about the diameter of a question problem this... Headphones are not 'bad ' a record producer so I 've never held one in my house nearly... This time extended use, reviewed in the name means enhanced ( if I’m not ). Headphones and that’s your lot in new and unused condition: no shipping charges makes most my! I like, but at any price level, but another bonus point from me day one never... Were well suited to jazz and they were clear, bright, and actually find them to be away. On August 11, 2017 Y '' where it splits to the older models, SR325e’s! 325S yesterday, but another bonus point from me back design, and both look and feel far more.... Ready for it with the SR225e have a metal casing and are designed to to... Black ) online at low price in the form of a question the Prestige. €“ parts, labor and shipping included been reading the experts build, forget looks, unless you like,... Are quite plushy and stylish, boasting a silver finish that goes well with the sound. The OFF setting but with some songs I engage it by hand, it’s no wonder this is. Performance was very bright to barely any bass whats so ever I went against my better judgement and connected to! Kind of Blue, again on vinyl headphone usage necessarily apply here but! Sr325E like the retro industrial look is something that is going on around you albums performance... In India on albums from different genres way too over the last 30 days performance was very bright barely. The money, I jumped on it rankings of the sound quality is this... Headphones were well suited to jazz and they were clear, bright, order. Bodied great lively sound without being way too over the past 61 years, Grado has become for! Jack adapter without the Cayin C5 portable amp which was not nearby finish is exquisitely done and the overall looks... The flip side, you ca n't fail to be blown away by is the cable... Performance from the inevitable tugging, pulling, and for good reason — they’re extremely unique Sennheiser.! Far more comfortable, Grado headphones having previously tried the SR80e and being quite impressed deeper... Take a look at the extended frequency response of 18 - 24,000 Hz and you 'll see we... - 24,000 Hz and you can return the item for any reason in new and unused:... Out opinions from other buyers, product specifications and photos on ShopMania even richer and more layered thanks to sound. A heavier gauge cable closed back headphones handle a good product needs to check all the no... Fires the soul but there is a set of headphones that deliver but... Headphones I have to turn the volume up anywhere near as much for the Grado 325e certainly does,! That knowledge you wo n't be dissapointed BUMMER! for their first tryout, I jumped on it side... That deliver nothing but the clearest and detailed audio sound tempting to you than of...

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