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Pattaya is not a secret anymore. After some time you will know how to have fun in each of them. I mean many guys prefer getting sex this way in Pattaya. The girl hostesses here are very attractive. And if you are interested to know about my mindset and game, then check out my book. However, the opposite of that is true for a place like Nana Plaza, a Bangkok red light district. For some daytime fun it is great to check out the bars just outside Nana Plaza. The only area where Pattaya is the same as Bangkok are the go go bars in walking street. The Bangkok red light district survives rather than thrives, that is the sort of impression that you get these days and especially so when comparing it to days gone by. Below is the rundown of the different places to meet girls in Pattaya, and the prices you can expect — both with normal girls and the ones that you meet in the red light areas. The price of life in Thailand's red light districts: Inside the tawdry sex markets where teens are forced to sell their bodies as new female tourism minister tries to ban the sex trade 2:16. Each red light district has its own vibe to it and is special in it’s own way. Walking Street. The BTS station to exit in order to get here is called Asoke station. It can be cheaper, a bit more exciting, and less of a hassle then going to the bars and clubs. Sights & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks. Actually, most of these types of Thai girls are quite shy and sensitive, especially if you are a foreigner with a lot of dating experience back home. Walking Street. Here, you can find it all; go-go bars, sex shows, sex workers and transgender performers working long into the night for a crowd that’s predominately Western males. Pattaya Red Light District Walking Street Pattaya ... At Soi Cowboy you will find coyote dancers expensive to barfine and to buy a drink for the ridiculous prices quoted really means the manager doesn't want his staff leaving the bar for the night, regular dancers and bargirls are cheaper from 500 to 1000 Baht depending on which bar you take a fancy to one of the women. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. Patpong is one part of Bangkok that certainly allows travellers to have some fun! If you want to have fun and don't want to go to Patpong Night Market, this is another place at night to have fun with a lot of bars, pubs and restaurants. Having sex in Pattaya is one of the easiest things to do in Thailand (and maybe even anywhere in the world). 5:00. The benefits of these girls are that they tend to be cheaper than the bars. The Best Source For Thailand Travel & Nightlife. Join Escorted, Guided Hosted … Okay listen up. And although prices have increases over the years, there are still enough girls to go around for everyone. But this wasn’t always the case. He writes on topics related to South East Asia, namely Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. The reason is quite simple: these are usually the hottest girls in Pattaya. I will also tell what to expect for the prices for drinks and more. Don’t forget that these types of girls are not hardened pros. Must Read For Solo Travelers to Thailand, My Guide on a Thai Lady: Advice on Thai Girlfriends, Thai Cupid Vs Thai Friendly: A Brief Comparison of The Dating Apps, Tipping in Thailand: How Much To Give To Bars, Taxi Drivers & More, The Best Go-Go Bars in Pattaya: Prices, Reviews and more in 2019, Pattaya Beer Bars Guide: How to Enjoy Yourself in the Girly Bars, The Best Thai Dating Sites – A Full Review + Advice. OK, so most of this article is focusing on the pay for pleasure concept, but lets not forget that there are many “normal” girls in Pattaya. The prices for barfines are around 700 baht for the girl, and short time between 2000-3000 baht which is negotiable. The Best Guide to Bangkok's Red Light Districts. Nana – Nana red light district is the largest in terms of the sheer number of Thai prostitutes working inside gogo bars, beer bars and freelancing in the area. Expect to see lots Thai women around since it is a well-known touristy area. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, and the same is true here. You can’t miss this place the whole street if full of neon and florescent lights. Also there are some super hot Thai chicks working there. Many ladyboys around (if you are not into them), Service and attitudes of bars is not the friendliest in Thailand, You will see all types of tourists from couples, to families with baby strollers. I like Patpong because it is a different vibe than the other two and I appreciate a change of scenery once in a while. Nana Plaza. PRICES: Around 2,500Baht – 3000 Baht for 90 Minutes at most places, Filed Under: Pattaya Tagged With: Girls, Red Light Districts. This is why it is best to take your time with them and show you are genuinely interested in them. If you are only looking for casual short term fun then let them know. A Red Light district area of Bangkok. Your email address will not be published. They have the same bar fine price as Bangkok, and maybe even more at times. I will describe it in each section below. Walking Street Pattaya at Night 2020 || Pattaya Red Light Area | Pattaya Nightlife | Pattaya Beach. In this article I will give you guys the full info on this topic, and give you a great idea of the different types of girls In this city, and what to expect in this city, including prices. The great thng about these places is that you can see all the girls in the fishbowl, and make your choice. It is also important to know that these areas are really entertainment spots, and not what you would consider a traditional red light districts. Jomtien Beach Jomtien (จอมเทียน) or Jomtien Beach (หาดจอมเทียน, Haat Jomtien), on road signs and road maps also often written Chom Tian, is a town on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand about 165 km south-east of Bangkok in Chonburi Province. He's passionate about sharing his experiences with others. Girls . Typically you pay less to these girls, here are the average costs. And when I say 1 night I mean 7pm to 2am which is around the times go go bars open and close.. Here is an idea of the costs: Freelancers are the ladies that choose to work on their own. And as soon as one shuts down, another one seems to open up. But that is a whole other article which I won’t get into here. Review of Soi Cowboy. Pattaya has thousands of women all over the place – in a relatively small area. A break down of all 5 red light districts in Bangkok I Present to You, the 5 Red Light Districts in Bangkok. There are so many women online looking to meet men that it is almost ridiculous. But there are still some areas that seem to dedicated to beer bars, go go bars, massage shops and short time bars. WHAT GOES ON IN THE GO-GO BARS? Save. Required fields are marked *. Thailand's Red Light District - Walking Street Pattaya. They usually have good food, pool tables, and you can relax and watch the scenery. It is easily one of the top red light districts in the world. I like the way Soi Cowboy has bars on both sides and I can check out all the scenery as I walk by. Back in the early days of Pattaya’s tourism the scene was still fresh, and it was only a niche destination — for the guys who dared make the trip to Thailand. And who could blame them? In the outside areas there are more beer bars and freelancers. 2:31. It can be argued that Soi Cowboy is the best red light district in town because it has some of the best gogo bars in all of Thailand. Especially for the nostalgic aspect of it, since it is also a night market filled with vendors selling all sorts of things at low prices. So, generally it would be a good idea to stay in a guest friendly hotel near these areas in Pattaya. At least with bar girl you have an idea of where they work, and most of them get tested often for STD’s. Bangkok’s next red light area has a name you will remember: Soi Cowboy. Short Term Hotel - So as I said before, some girls might prefer short time, therefore, the bars have short term room for rent, this will cost you from 300 to max 600 baht for 2 hours which has all kinds of amenities sometimes including condoms. OK now on to the red light district prices and info: 1. Just expect prices to be slightly higher in these areas for food, hotels, drinks, etc. You will see that there are singles, couples, and sometimes even families in and around these areas (especially Patpong). You could easily spend weeks in this city and never get bored. What is distinct about Nana plaza is that it is three stories high and has a courtyard style design in the center of it with more bars. Asia ; Thailand ; Chonburi Province ; Pattaya ; Pattaya - Things to Do ; Walking Street Pattaya ; Search. Less Tourist Around . Most of the ones I have had experiences with were worth it. GoGo Guy wrote a review Oct 2020. So expect price to be higher there, and the service is also known to be more satisfying. In all my travels I have never really seen another city like it. Ask them out on a date. 1 Point for Pattaya; Pattaya wins 7:2. And you can find them in a few places such as: Some guys are hesitant to get freelancers off the street because there is a risk associated with it. The body-to-body massage is one part of the … Happily, there is a solution to this problem… its name is Pattaya. When you think of gogo bars and, you first think of walking street. MrPathakTravel. I think it’s quite obvious: If you haven’t been to either of these cities, I would strongly recommend you to go to Pattaya. Walking Street is a red-light district in the city of Pattaya, Thailand. The areas that are considered the red light district are centred around Pattaya’s vibrant walking street, alongside the beach road that runs parallel to the sea. Be Safe When Visiting Soi Cowboy. South Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya, Thailand. After reading this guide you will know exactly where to go for the best entertainment this great city has to offer. Read more on the Thai girls here. Patpong is really also a night market which caters to all types of tourists. Pattaya is probably best known for Walking Street – it is the bright … In the outside areas there are more beer bars and freelancers. Bangkok Nightlife Red Light District. While most travellers wouldn’t consider visiting the Red Light District to partake in the services on offer, many simply want to experience the lights, character and nightlife of the area. If you are new to Bangkok and want to enjoy this city as fast as possible, then refer to this guide to help you along. Also be honest about what you expect from them. And a lot of the properties in the area are nice with affordable rates. In order to get here you will need to use the subway line (MRT) and exit at Silom station. Located south-east of Nana plaza, Patpong is Bangkok’s oldest red light district. You can meet these types of girls in the malls, restaurants, parks, and especially online (I use this site for great results). The ones that have regular jobs and are not working directly in the entertainment industry. With freelancers, anything can go, especially the ones you see late at night on the street. And as the tourism grows in Pattaya, more and more girls from the poorer regions of Thailand like Issan hear about the business opportunities the place offers. 1 contribution 2 helpful votes. Long time usually starts at 3000 baht or more depending on the girl. There is simply so much to do and see that you will always be wondering what the next adventure will be. Ask a question about Soi Cowboy. One major rule as a first timer to Bangkok’s red light districts is to never behave like a first timer to Bangkok’s red light districts. I like them all, but my personal recommendation is that if you are in Bangkok for a short period of time and looking for only one place to check out I would recommend coming here. Generally speaking, the girl in the Soapy Massage Parlors in Pattaya will be the more attractive, especially the ones that are on the higher end. Famous Indian red light area Kamithipura Mumbai, Red light Area Mumbai Red Light Area May 2019. 20 Thank A Tripadvisor Member . In this video I will try to give you an insight into Bangkok's infamous Red Light District, Soi Cowboy. If you are in Pattaya and want to meet these good girls then you need to know a few things. It wasn’t like Bangkok that has three main dedicated adult oriented sex districts. In comparison to other cities, you will see that most foreign oriented areas have tons of tourist from all over the globe. Also don’t be surprised if you run into a few Ladyboys since they are well accepted in society here. It could be a price thing, since the go go bars are more expensive and pushy for drinks. Bangkok Nightlife Red Light District Bars. “The World’s Largest Adult Playground” says the new sign at the entrance to Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4. Generally speaking Soi Cowboy could be the best red light area in Bangkok The prices remain the same during low season, but they won’t be as busy. In the high season it gets jam-packed every night. Walking Street Pattaya. The 3 main areas to know are Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong. Then after you can come up with your own conclusions and opinions about it. Even with the price inflation, it still is one of the best cities in Thailand for a fun and exciting time. Patpong is Bangkok’s first red light district, and that is why I am listing it here first. There is huge selection, and you will always find a nice attractive lady to give you service. They are “independent”. There are around 30-40 gogo bars, beer bars, and other entertainment venues within Nana Plaza. The city is home to so many working girls that make a living off the entertainment industry. You can easily start chatting to them and setting up dates. And if you know what you are doing, you can find go go girls for good prices. Before we do that it important to know a few things first: OK now on to the red light district prices and info: Located in Sukhumvit Soi 4, Nana plaza and the surrounding area is Bangkok’s largest red light district. I don’t recommend to play with their emotions. Boss Suites and Fourteen Again Hotel are some really nice budget hotels and deserve a good mention too. A Detailed Comparison, Thai Cupid: A Great site for Dating Women in Thailand, Traveling Alone? Pattaya: +1. For example, I like the way Nana plaza is set up with three floors and the countless gogo bars I can explore and for the sheer thrill of the entertainment. Use my world of experience on the topic to help you get the best experience possible in Thailand, Philippines, and more. Imagine how frustrating it can be for them. Exit at the Nana station and it will be around a 5 minutes walk heading north-east. There are so many beer bars in Pattaya that I have lost count, and don’t even bother checking anymore. In this guide the goal is to get you familiar with the best hot spot areas in Bangkok, and to give you a good idea of the prices in the bars.

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