jazz etudes trumpet

I have personally always liked to learn in small chunks with a specific learning objective in mind, to me, trying to think about 8 different things at once when practicing improvisation doesn't work and I'm betting it doesn't work for the vast majority of people trying to learn it. MINTZER BOB - 15 EASY JAZZ BLUES & FUNK ETUDES + CD - TRUMPET. I like the idea of thinking outside the comfort zone for a particular instrument. Why am I dong this? Written out in all keys in treble and bass clef. Trognee, Emile Joseph Etudes Melodiques (30) (Selianin) 30 advanced melodic etudes by Emile Joseph Trognee (1868-1942). 65 jazz etudes to develop vocabulary. 25 Jazz Studies for Trumpet gives you ample opportunity to practice your style and inflection with many stylistic notations (bends, dips, glisses, and grace notes) written in for you to practice the effects. Again thinking I was great. /*

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