I practiced as an international business lawyer after studying management at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Paris. My approach to law is reflective of my keen interest in people and human relationships.

Law is a “humanist” discipline and tool. It reflects the establishment of rules that allow people to cohabitate peacefully in a society and overcome their conflicting interests

In spite of my passion for the law, I have always shied away from its pugilistic practice, and naturally gravitated towards alternative modes of conflict resolution. In 2003, I founded the Center for Conflict Resolution (CRC), the first private mediation firm in France, because I believe that parties should talk to one another and resolve their issues outside of the courtroom by finding common ground.

The law allows society to function. But should we not try to do more than just function, and strive instead to live in harmony and mutual understanding? I gradually stopped practicing law around 2010 to focus on these big questions.

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